Crocheting patterns for babies

AT-AT crocheting patterns for babies by Kamila Krawczyk

Crocheting is great when you’re pregnant or when your baby’s asleep, or just content by herself. It’s easy to put away in your bag and not as easily unraveled as knitting. And the best? There are tons of cute crocheting patterns for babies for free and for sale on the internet! Just google away or sign up at which is a great knitting and crocheting community. Kamila Krawczyk is a Polish artist who makes crocheting patterns for babies, and this crochet AT-AT is a must have for Star Wars fans. On her Etsy store, you can find this pattern and lots of other geeky patterns. They all make perfect gifts for any geek parent and superhero baby. If you haven’t got a baby for yourself, or any other baby to knit for, you could always make a crochet collection. The AT-AT is just too cute not to crochet, and why not make a complete Star Wars setting on a shelf in your living room? If you’re not a Star Wars geek or general geek, there are lots of traditional crochet patterns on the internet as well. Crochet baby’s first blanket or cut little booties is not as hard as it might look and I know you can make it!

Handicrafts Made From Plastic Bottles

Handicrafts made from plastic bottles

Without a doubt, we have a plastic problem that is made worse by the fact that we have so many uses for plastics which we end up discarding once we are done with them. It is not all doom and gloom though because it is possible to make good use of these plastics through recycling. One of the best ways to do this is by using them to create handicrafts made from plastic bottles. The one advantage that plastic holds should you decide to use it to create crafts is its malleable nature. You can cut it, shape it and even style it in different ways to come up with gorgeous creations. Those who are creatively inclined can also get the satisfaction that comes when Artwork uses coloured plastic for making flowers. Such examples of handicrafts made from plastic bottles as well as other types of plastics can open up an economic avenue for those who are up for the challenge.

Handicraft hobbies that are a little different

Handicraft hobbies - Fibre Optic Art

Handicraft hobbies can often be a tradition passed down mother to daughter, father to son; although handicrafts appear the domain of women it is not exclusive making puppets is an excellent handicraft, from finger puppets, stick puppets, to marionettes and a hobby both men and women can enjoy. Long sea voyages or times spent isolated by our weather tend to facilitate handicraft hobbies. Knitting and embroidery are very popular as neither takes up too much room. Did you know that knitting was once only done by men? The first knitting union was in Paris in 1527 and no women allowed! So while we consider knitting the provenance of women, it’s history tells a different story. Wool dyeing traditions disappeared to a great extent when commercial and cheap dyes became available, but in recent years with the increase in sustainability and ‘green’ living, interest in this has been rekindled. Many small farms are now producing, spinning and dyeing their yarn, a profitable option with interest in handicrafts gaining momentum. Looking for a new craft hobby? How about the age-old ship in a bottle with a twist. Modern hobbyists now light up their ships with LED lighting and fibre optics, creating dramatic visuals. In fact, displays with fibre optic is another interesting hobby. Do you have a handicraft hobby that is a little different? Then please share with us and tell us all about it.

DIY craft projects for home decor that will make your house look more expensive

DIY craft projects for home decor

Your home is your nest and should be your favourite place on earth. This is why it is so critical that you keep it welcoming and fresh. DIY craft projects go a long way in improving the inside and outside of your house. If done very well these projects not only improve the aesthetic value of your home but also its overall market value. Here are some DIY craft projects for home decor that will add something extra to your home space and also in the long run increase its value. A teacup birdbath: If you are hoping to invite birds to your garden, this is a simple and fast DIY that birds will love taking a dip in. All you have to do is grab that old tea set to get started this weekend. This project will add a cute touch to any large or small garden. Hammer wooden dowels into the soil all over your garden, sand tea cup saucer bases and attach them to the top of dowels with epoxy. Sand your teacup and attach to the saucer and allow it to dry. Fill the teacups with water and watch as local birds take a bath. Thumbtacks are not particularly attractive. But, you can attach some of your old buttons to the tops of your thumbtacks, and once dry, you are ready to pin. You can also make several collections and package them into a cute little box. Simple hacks to elevate your home can be pure genius. For example, you can use origami and tape to turn your otherwise empty wall into a gorgeous artfully decorated space. While unbelievably simple, this simple DIY craft projects for home decor will definitely enhance your interior, go ahead and have fun!

Handicraft paper art that goes beyond origami


The world is in love with art. 3D art on or with paper is not just adorable but mesmerising and intriguing. Tracing its origin in Japan over a thousand years ago, paper art and craft has enabled talented and passionate designers to express themselves and create breathtaking exhibitions and decoration pieces. Handicraft paper art has also been used at home by DIY enthusiasts to make classic hats, flowers, balloons, and a wide variety of decorative items. Simple DIY paper art and craft tricks and ideas can help you make your home exceptionally beautiful without digging deep into your pocket. Paper art and craft for wall décor is appreciated by most designers and homeowners. Paper roses or flying butterflies are very cool ideas for wall décor. Other ideas include paper picture frames incorporating creative floral patterns or sculptural paper lamps that revitalise the look of your home. Another simple DIY paper craft project is a fruit paper basket. You can use any type of paper; even butcher paper or watercolour paper for more impressive results. Handicraft paper art is being used for varying purposes in different parts of the world. the Chinese art of paper cutting is used for religious and ceremonial purposes and can reflect many aspects of life such as prosperity, harvest, or health. For instance, red paper cuts on the door mean good luck and happiness for the family.

Handcrafted jewelery ideas that anyone can do

Handcrafted jewelery ideas that anyone can do

Handcrafted jewelery ideas are so vast and varied; it becomes difficult to resist trying them all. These days, jewelery craft shops are an Aladdin’s cave with a rainbow assortment of beads and more. Beads, leather, wood, brass, copper or silver – you can change it all into intricate jewelery. Rings can be made with one or two coils of wire, and you’ll be able to make lots of necklaces for your own and other’s personal pleasure. With handcrafted jewelery ideas, today’s lightweight modern tools make it possible to weld, solder, cut, cast and etch. With these few simple tools, you can Make your passion your profession withjewelry design. Even enameling with a small home kiln will allow you to apply glass powder to metal surfaces and heat in this little oven until the glass melts and fuses, You’ll be able to make brilliant jewelery-type buttons and turn shirts and jackets into something utterly unique, and even make money out of it.

Handicraft activities you can do with kids

Handicraft activities you can do with kids

Talents are normally developed at an early age and it takes a lot of experimentation before an individual ever gets to know just what their talent is. So, it is only wise that the most natural age for any form of experimentation or all forms of experimentation is during childhood. Kids are naturally very energetic and curious; they need constant supervision because they get bored very easily. Handicraft activities are an excellent way to keep them busy for long periods of time while allowing them to explore their different talents and creative nature. Handicraft activities such as art and crafts also create a space where parents can interact with their kids easily and at the same time learn about their developing skills and talents. It is sometimes difficult to keep the momentum going week in and week out and a change of scenery to gather new and fascinating art and handicraft projects is needed. There are many events in the Cambridge area and I would suggest, for example, you visit Family Art Week for some more great ideas, at this event you and the family will get a chance to play with numerous materials to make beautiful artefacts that you can take home.